Ashgrove Dental are highly experienced in crown and bridge dental restorations. Custom crafted crown and bridges can restore the appearance of your smile, help improve speech and strengthen your teeth to restore normal chewing function.

At Ashgrove Dental we take a proactive approach to dental health, recommending regular dentist check-ups to keep your smile in top shape.

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What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown, or dental cap, is a restorative dental procedure which places a tooth-shaped cap over the existing tooth.

The dental crown is used to cover a tooth, restoring the size, strength and appearance of the tooth. A dental crown procedure will help to prevent further damage and decay to a tooth, and protect a fractured tooth by reducing the risk of cracking.

Dental crown procedure generally requires two visits to the dentist, and at Ashgrove Dental we’re known for our gentle and pain-free procedures.

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What is a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is used to ‘bridge’ the gap that is present when you have lost or had a tooth removed. Dental bridge procedure often requires two visits to the dentist to complete.

Ashgrove Dental are highly experienced in dental bridge procedures, restoring the appearance of your smile and restoring your ability to chew and speak.

A dental bridge is made up of two or more crowns that are used as anchors, and a natural or cosmetic tooth placed in between the anchoring crowns to fill the gap where a tooth is missing.

The cosmetic teeth called pontics, are often made from porcelain, but can be made from gold, alloys or a combination of these materials.


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Private Health Insurance Claims

Ashgrove Dental are Medibank Member’s Choice providers, HCF Preferred Providers, Westfund Provider of Choice & CBHS Choice Network Provider.

We are a HICAPS enabled facility, so you can claim the benefit of your private health insurance directly. All health fund cards are accepted at Ashgrove Dental.



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